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W master 

Beautiful and strong mount

The beauty of wood and the rigidity of metal have been combined to create a wonderful alt-az mount.

The mount can handle high payload capacity, And any fine position adjustment is possible.

When you need to keep 'recapturing' objects the mount will give you delicate motions. 

*Matarial: Birtch &  Duralumin(7075)

*Inside: needle bearing

*Precision machining

*Long research and testing



- H : 206 mm
- W : 160 mm
- D : 162 mm

Weight : 3110g
Smooth operation Load Weight : ~25kg 

(No Balance Weight)

W master

DSC03401 (2).JPG

DSC03402 (2).JPG

DSC03404 (2).JPG

DSC03464 (2).JPG

DSC03467 (2).JPG

DSC03646 (2).JPG

DSC03579 (4).JPG


KRW 990,000₩ (Include V.a.t 10%)
USA 950$(Incl. shipping, excl. TAX)